[HSR035] Fioravanti – Dubaduba

After his first success on High Scream Records with Whatever (11 on Beatport HipHop Top100) here it comes the new single Dubaduba. A big trap banger with moombah influence on it, everything with festival’s synth and pumping grooves.

Perfect if you want to be sure to shake your dancefloor all summer long.


[HSR034] The Buildzer x Bye Bae – Kree

The first producer of High Scream Records, The Buildzer, meet  the super new project Bye Bae, to create a sound coming from the deepest space.
Post trap, blending EDM with drum and bass progression for their new single, Kree.

[HSR033] Keeld – Doff

Keeld is one of the new producer of High Scream Records, from France. His new track, Doff, is a incredible blending of ’90 breaks music and new school trap.

[HSR032] Nosense – Turn It Up

Nosense is back again, after his two best seller Blaze and Yum Yum, to strike the dancefoor again! Sit back and Turn It Up!

[HSR031] Fioravanti – Whatever

What happen when a great dj as Fioravanti meets a super talented singer as the american Dre Meltz This time they made a huge banger for your summer party!

[HSR030] Nah – Legend

Nah is back. The Legend strikes again. From his new house in Liverpool Nah made this incredible song melting together sound design, incredible arrangement, fresh melodies and pumping drums.This attention to details is what made Nah the Legend.

[HSR029] Dubay – Bump ‘n’ Shake

A new tune with a new sound, inspired by the uk grime rap scene and future bass music. From the eclectic Italian producer Dubay and his machines, Bump N Shake is a melting of old school vintage synth and future digitally modelled sounds with a computer programmed rapper on the beat

[HSR028] Maekl Jordn – Brkdnc

A Fresh banger from Maekl Jordn, a secret project inspired by the ’90 and the basket playground flavour. Just turn up the volume and remember that “at the beginnig there was break dance”

[HSR027] DUVRTE – Yamabushi

A massive Trap beat from the super young producer from Ukraine DUVRTE, with references of Japanese music and rave sounds. Perfect if you wanna blow up the dance floor or if you are going to perform at WMC 😉

[HSR026] Diatomic – Floating Stones

Diatomic is back with his clearly recognizable sound, between trap and break music. After “Biomechanical Tree”, get ready for this new banger “Floating Stones” .