Vladimir Kudenkov is the real name behind the moniker of Nosense. Nowadays also active as producer, he started around 2003 as a DJ in the nightclubs of Moscow. Initially focusing on a mix of techno, progressive and tech house, he eventually founded the electronic metal band All For Fake in 2008. He recorded the first studio album Forget Yourself and Shadows Of The Worlds EP with the band as the lead guitarist and producer. In late 2011, influenced by the modern bass scene his focus changed to this new energetic form of electronic dance music. Soon Nosense played at more and more dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass parties and became a club promoter to develop his local bass scene. His style is a combination of electro house, dubstep, trap, glitch hop and drum & bass with a clear focus on energy and melody; always paying attention to the dance floor.

Nosense: @nosenseofficial




DUBAY is an eclectic artistic project made by one guy and his synthesisers . Producer with glasses, audio illusionist, sound sommelier.






GrooveMind is one of the best Ghetto Funk music producer all over the world.

GrooveMind was born in Sicily, Italy, in 1985. At the early age of fourteen he discovered the world of music sequencers, and immediately fell in love with it. He continued to pursue is passion, playing around in various parties all across the country, and eventually got interested in bass music, especially in the genres of Glitch Hop and Ghetto Funk.

His debut EP, “GrooveMind – Kill your ego”, comes out in 2013 on the french label Digital Whomp, arriving up to the 12th place of Beatport’s Glitch Hop chart. While putting out various free downloads during 2014, his collaboration with Halfred, “GrooveMind – We Spread Light”, comes out on “GrooveMind – Whompadelic Trip II” (nominated best compilation at Glitch Hop Awards 2014) and receives support from .

His 2015 starts with two new releases, “GrooveMind – Rock Da Bass” (Funk Fusion, UK) and a remix of “Rodeo” from Lamuzquele (a french electroswing group), which was included in the “Remixes – Gold Edition” album of Bada boom boom Swing, later out on 12’’.

He just released for High Scream Record his last single Funk Power, who climb till the 86 75 15 14 position on the Glitch Hop Chart and hold it for more than 5 weeks!









NoNamez is a bass music duo hailing from Sicily.

The project starts in 2014 producing hip hop beats and then Trap and Moombahton.

With their first release It Was A Slow Down , they get the 83 position on the Beatport Charts.

Another single is on his way…




The Buildzer:The Buildzer

The Buildzer is a Sicilian dnb and dubstep producer, who has been making music for over 10 years and has been working for 8 years in one of the biggest broadcasting companies in Italy as sound engineer.

In 2010 he has been involved by Universal Music in one of the most important hip-hop projects in Italy as beat-maker, that has been awarded the Golden Record twice. The Buildzer has been the very first producer in Italy (and so far the only one) to bring dubstep to a Major Label!

His releases on High Scream Records reached #1 positions on Track It Down Dubstep Top 100 Chart, staying in the Top 5 for more than a month, and receiving support and appreciation from some of the most influential producers worldwide.



foto Rooge

Born in Catania, Sicily, in 1991, his love for music initially led him to learn to play guitar. Growing up, his passion for hip-hop alongside the following experimentation process induced him towards the study of sequencers.

Following the creation of his “Noflowers D’n’B sound”, his course as a producer began. He decided to participate in an International contest organized by Exceptional Records London with his friend Nah. The two win the first prize. Currently the young producer lives in Bologna where he is attending the Audio Engineering Academy on behalf of Middlesex University.

NAH&ROOGE – ALL ANGELS FALLING DOWN” has reached # 1 on Track It Down Dubstep Top 100 Chart.

NAH&ROOGE – THE ORACLE” released in May 2012 has been promoted on MoS TV.

NAH&ROOGE – SUNSTROKE” released in November 2012 has received support from djs worldwide and hit the Top 15 on the Track It Down Dubstep Chart.

Rooge is now ready to show the world his solo project!



Nah grew up listening to hip-hop at 360 degrees, until the day he came across a vinyl signed Noisia which flipped the way he perceived music. He started experimenting with electronic music in 2008, and finally entered a more professional production phase in 2011, together with The Buildzer and Rooge. 2012 marks the beginning of Nah’s musical rise.

His collaborations with The Buildzer reached #2 on Track It Down Dubstep Top 100,

NAH&ROOGE – ALL ANGELS FALLING DOWN” has reached # 1 on Track It Down Dubstep Top 100

NAH&ROOGE – THE ORACLE” out in May 2012, has been on world première on Ministry of Sound TV.

NAH&ROOGE – SUNSTROKE” has been supported by several djs and entered the Top 15 on TID.

Nah is currently working on some new exciting material, both with fellow Rooge and as an individual artist.